Summer Design Build 2014
(INDA) International Program of Design & Architecture, Chulalongkorn University.
Instructors: Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong and Devan Harlan Simunovich
T.A. : Ekkrit Suwanwong

Opening of the COIR Project at Kadeejeen

The final day! View images of the installation and community event here.

Cocoboard Material Production

After weeks of drying coconut husk and shell, the material is then chipped into a fine particle mixture, which is then combined with 5% adhesive. The amount of material used to press each board is calculated based upon the desired board thickness. The shredded coconut husk is then formed, with a steel template to emboss the pattern, and compressed in the hot-press machine for several minutes.

Check out our progress photos here.

Construction: Furniture!

The tables and stools have been designed to stack and fit into the interior compartments of the main cart structure. They are composed of aluminum, to keep loads as lightweight as possible, with cocoboard surfaces.

See progress photos here.

Construction: Stainless Steel Frame

We are working with fabricators to create the main structure of our mobile space.
Check out construction progress here.

Construction Drawings

View selected construction drawings here

Survey of Bangkok Street Vendors

View all images from our cart research here<

Pattern Application Selections

We applied our modified patterns to the plan and elevation of the cart, to create a patchwork of patterns. Drawings here.

Material Tests Phase II - Pattern Application